United Church of Rogers Park
Pancake Breakfast

     Bake Sale
Saturday, April 22nd
9:00AM to 12:00 PM


Pancakes with fruit toppings
Sausages, Orange Juice, Milk and Coffee

$5 suggested donation

 Come for breakfast then stock up on delicious pies, cakes, cookies and other homemade treats

A Benefit for Community Feast
Since 1984 the Community Feast has served a free meal every Sunday for Rogers Park residents in need.  Join the dozens of churches and agencies, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of guests who support this service.

United Church of Rogers Park
1545 W Morse Ave
Chicago, IL 60626

3rd floor dining room is accessible by elevator


1545 W. Morse Avenue

Chicago, IL 60626


Sunday Worship 


at 10 a.m.

Upcoming Events: 
Join us for one of the fun events offered here at the church through our many ministries!
Make memories to last a lifetime!
Pumpkin Patch Open

Pumpkins of all sizes are on sale for the Halloween and 
Fall season.  

Help the After School Program by purchasing a pumpkin 
or two 
or more.  

Great for Halloween and making pumpkin pies or breads.

The Pumpkin Patch is just right [south] of the church's front doors on Ashland Avenue.

A letter from the Staff Parish Relation Committee with questions and answers about the pastoral transition.

See bottom of this page

October 1st is the Fall Kick Off for the 
Peace Center of Rogers Park 
After School Program

This Center is a Safe Haven program largely funded by Chicago Public Schools. Its program was designed to provide children with a safe place during the summer. Since it started as an official Chicago Public Schools Safe Haven site and expanded program to 5 days a week as well as transforming our corner with the tear down of an old building and opening it up with the teaching garden shootings in our neighborhood have decrease by nearly 50%. We have been providing a summer camp and an after school program for 9 years now. With the funding from Chicago Public Schools we have been able to serve more children, expand from 3 or 4 days a week to 5 days a week and go on field trips. Chicago Public Schools is in a funding crisis and the Safe Haven program has been scaled back.

Sadly this year, the Chicago Public Schools will not be funding the After School Program.  This program will be only 3 days a week instead of 5 days.  The After School Program continues with the spirit from its volunteers, an organization that donates snacks, a yoga program, Loyola University students, and the kids attending along their parents.

Please help fund by financial donations or fundraisers - like the Pumpkin Patch [7 October till 31 October].
For more information and how to help with this needed program, click Peace Center Newsletter 2017 below:
Depression Support Group on 23 October 
at 6:30 pm

Sometimes depression has a cause, such as divorce or job loss.  Sometimes it doesn't.  Chronic depression just comes and goes. This group is for anyone who suffers from depression for any reason or none at all.  

If you're in any of these categories, please join us at this no-cost support group on Monday 23 October at 6:30 pm at UCRP.

This group is open to all who feel like talking or don't feel like talking.  This group is open to all who want to sit by the door and slip out early, or those who want to share our experiences of depression, whether from today or years ago. In complete confidence, we will listen to each other and know that we've all been there. The point of this group is to just be with others who completely understand.

For more information call 773-255-6282, or email at regina242424@gmail.com  

You can also go to the site to sign up:


Children's Chapel started on Sunday 1 October 
after the Time For Children during the Worship service
Adult Sunday School starts on Sunday 15 October at 9:00 am
Due to volunteer shortage at New To You Thrift Shop, call for store hours at 773-761-2500.

Looking for volunteers to help mainly during the short term for New To You Thrift Shop.  Call Deacon Wes or fill out the form on Volunteer Opportunities page. 

Relax body and mind

"Classical yoga" is available every Sunday from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.  [New Summer Hours] Classes are held on the 3rd floor Parlor of Overdier Hall at 1545 W. Morse Ave. These classes include basic postures and movements made accessible for everyone. Mats are available.  Please be sure to wear casual, comfortable clothing to stretch and breathe.

$9.00 suggested donation.

Private sessions are available at Life Force Healing Center in Evanston, by appointment. In a therapeutic context, these are often covered by insurance.

Please feel free to e-mail chicagoyogagarden@gmail.com or call/text  773.895.6124 for additional information.

Please join us for our bi-weekly Peace Circle 

Open to ALL

Meeting in the Peace room located in the basement of the church. Our circle is a program of Circles and Ciphers and co-lead by East Rogers Park community members. We seek to create a more equitable and peaceful community through open dialogue and shared story. 

New Worship Time Voted
During the last few weeks, the congregation took a vote on Worship Service start times.   The 10:00 am start time received the highest count.  

The voter was gave their choices by order of their preference.  Their first choice was given 3 points. Their second choice was given 2 points, and their third choice was given 1 point.

The 10:00 start time received 59 points;
The 11:00 start time received 22 points;
The 10:30 start time received 9 points.

A FREE Sunday dinner has been prepared and served for around 100 neighbors in need by volunteers for more than 33 years, and we need your faithful participation. Please contact Northa Johnson, our volunteer coordinator, at 312.955.0049 or at northajj@gmail.com to see where you belong on our schedule.

2:30 to 4:00 for setting up the dining room, bagging donated bread, assisting in the kitchen if needed.

4:30 to 6:30 [where the most need for volunteer help] for serving the dinner and cleaning up afterward.


Thank you to all the Community Feast volunteers who shared their time, energy, and enthusiasm with our ministry.

Proverbs 3:27 "Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it."

Choir is back in the house 

All voices join the Choir Practice before the 10 am Worship Service.  Practice starts at 8:45 am lower level.

UCRP Social Action Team
Exploring a Rogers Park Peace and Justice Rally in October to coincide with the United Nations Day and use UCRP as Sanctuary Space 

Opportunities for further activism.
Please join us.
Contact Nikki Orvis [nikkijorvis@gmail.com] or 
Jen Schmidt [schmidtijm@gmail.com] with any questions.

Glenwood Sunday Market
The farmers market is open!
Support local food on Sundays 
from June thru October
9:00 am to 2:00 pm

On Glenwood Avenue between Morse and Lunt. 
On the west side of the Morse el stop.

Attention Link shoppers: 
Receive up to $25 in matching funds
Glenwood Sunday Market's food access program offers double-dollar grants for Link/SNAP shoppers, funds permitting

Glenwood Sunday Market is a program of Rogers Park Business Alliance.  It was founded and supported by Rogers Park Business Alliance ▲ Alderman Joe Moore ▲ Clark/Morse/Glenwood Special Service Area #24 ▲ LINK Up Illinois - a Program of Experimental Station ▲ 100 Women Who Care - Chicago ▲ Farmers Market Coalition ▲ Rogers Park Provisions ▲ Rogers Park Social ▲ along with many devoted friends and neighbors. 
▲▲Special thanks to JB Alberto's Pizza ▲▲

A Letter From Staff Parish Relations Committee

Dear United Church of Rogers Park,
The Staff Parish Relations Committee has been working with our District Superintendent and our new pastors through this pastoral change. We thought many of our friends and members might have some questions about the transition and this new ministry team.  With the help of Pastor Lindsey and Pastor Hope, we have set out to answer some frequently asked questions:

Why did we have a pastoral transition?
Pastors in the United Methodist Church agree in their ordination vows to be “itinerant,” which means they agree to serve where the Bishop appoints them. Each year United Methodist pastors find out whether they are staying at the church where they are appointed or moving to a new one. The Methodist Interpreter explains that, “the goal of itinerancy is to match the gifts and graces of each particular pastor with the ministry needs of a particular congregation. In this “serial leadership” of consecutive pastors no two are alike, over time, the combination of skills blends to form a broad base of developed ministries.”[1] When it comes to this process, the Bishop and the Cabinet (the District Superintendents) have to think about the needs of each individual church as well as the needs of the entire conference. The Bishop and Cabinet discerned through prayer and conversation that Pastor Catiana’s gifts and graces were needed at another church and the Pastor Hope and Pastor Lindsey’s gifts and graces were needed at United Church of Rogers Park. Pastor Hope’s strong administration skills combined with Pastor Lindsey’s strong passion for urban ministry make this a great pastoral team. Both Pastor Lindsey and Pastor Hope have strong vision casting and strategic thinking skills, effective collaborative and team-working skills, and strong pastoral leadership skills that will help UCRP in the next stage of ministry.
Do we have a part time pastor?
No. You have two pastors appointed at what is called “half-time.” Half-time literally means half of full time (ex. 20-25 hours a week). Since you have two half-time pastors, you have a full-time pastor, it’s just that there are two people doing the work. The reason the conference decided to appoint your pastoral team this way is because Pastor Lindsey and Pastor Hope have complimentary skills, gifts and experiences when it comes to the pastoral position. Having two pastors means that each church gets a wider breadth of gifts and talents than any one person could have in fulfilling the pastoral role.
How does a pastoral team work?
United Church of Rogers Park is blessed to have a pastoral team of three: Pastor Hope, Pastor Lindsey and Deacon Wes. Deacon Wes will continue to do the good work he has been doing at United Church of Rogers Park. Pastor Hope and Pastor Lindsey will be splitting up pastoral responsibilities, energy and time. Both pastors are responsible for worship, sacraments and pastoral care. However, in line with our unique gifts and passions, Pastor Lindsey is focusing on community building and justice work while Pastor Hope is focusing on spiritual development and administrative organization. It also means we are splitting our time between the two churches.
Pastor Hope is taking the lead on worship at Irving Park UMC and Pastor Lindsey is taking the lead at United Church of Rogers Park. The pastoral team felt it was important to have consistency and continuity on Sunday morning and so decided that Pastor Lindsey will be a United Church of Rogers Park the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Sundays. Pastor Hope will join UCRP on the 3rd and 5th Sundays.
The team is also splitting up their office hours. Pastor Lindsey will be in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays. Her day off is Friday. Pastor Hope will be at Rogers Park on Tuesdays and split her time between Irving Park United Methodist Church and United Church of Rogers Park on Mondays and Fridays. Her day off is Wednesday.
Pastor LindseyUCRPIPUMCUCRPIPUMCOff 1st, 2nd, 4th
Pastor HopeUCRP/
 3rd, 5th
Please know that just because the pastors have office hours, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the pastors are physically in the office as they will be taking meetings and doing community work. The best way to guarantee you’ll catch them is to email or call and set up a meeting. These days and dates are flexible, so if you need to make an appointment with either pastor on a day they are not scheduled to be at United Church of Rogers Park, call or send an email and they will do what they can to accommodate everyone’s scheduling needs.
Are we merging with Irving Park United Methodist Church?
Again, no. While it may be possible to work together and share networks and resources when it comes to building up God’s reign in this city, there are no plans to merge the two churches.
I’ve heard that neither pastor is living in the parsonage, what does that mean for us and for the parsonage?
The parsonage is currently being shared with another pastor in our conference. This means the parsonage will still be used, we can help out another church and the compensation is being used to offset the cost of the housing stipend.
Pastor Catiana was very important to me. What does my relationship with her look like now?
Pastor Catiana was a wonderful person who did good work at UCRP. It is a good and healthy thing to grieve her departure. While it is still appropriate to contact Pastor Catiana to see how she is doing, the SPRC does ask that you give our new pastors a chance to build relationships with you and step into the pastoral role at United Church of Rogers Park. That means for pastoral care, weddings, funerals, spiritual direction and other things you need a pastor for, please contact Pastor Hope or Pastor Lindsey.
Okay, how do we do that? What’s the best way to reach you?
The best way to reach Pastor Hope and Pastor Lindsey is by cell phone or email. If you’d like to speak with them, please feel free to call or email and set up an appointment, they would love to get to know you and hear your joys and concerns about IPUMC, the transition or anything else you’d like to share.

Pastor Lindsey:                                 Pastor Hope:
Longlin55@gmail.com pastorchernich@gmail.com
847-502-1616 312-316-5886
If you’d like to discuss something, but would rather speak to someone besides the pastors, please contact our Staff Parish Relations Chair, Matthew McMunn at
Staff Parish Relations Committee

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